WauSensei 1 -Entire Humanity- Hidden Soul

WauSensei 1

The book introduces WauSensei's Character Map, which was developed to explain the entire humanity. The character map is divided into ten parts. These different parts of the human mind explain all actions inside, outside, and between humans. When you learn these aspects, it is easy to understand why others behave the way they do, how you should potentially react to their behavior, and which character you would like to strengthen within yourself.

The stories feature adventurous animal characters called WauSenseis and Hyms. Originally, these groups were twins. However, when they were little, they were separated and raised in totally different ways as an experiment. Waus were raised with love and approval, while Hyms were raised with fear, shame, and humming. However, all Senseis had one task in common: they needed to keep the Heart Soul in one piece and full of love!

Hardcover, 52 pages, 210x297mm, Category children's literature, Made and bookbinding in Finland!

Writer, Artwork, The names of the characters, Character map: Tanja Eklund

 Translator and Proofreading: Leena Häkkinen

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